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How to choose turf – Turf is a popular product for laying down a lawn quickly.  But despite what many people might think, not all turf is the same. In this article we explain how to choose turf that will suit your lifestyle and  thrive in your garden.

If you want to get the best from your new lawn, it pays to make sure you pick the right turf product to suit your requirements.

Things to consider are:

  • How will you use your lawn?
  • What is your garden like? wet/dry? sunny/shaded?
  • How much time do you have for maintenance?

How will you use your lawn

Arguably one of the biggest considerations when choosing turf is what the new grass will be used for. Different types of turf are suited to different types of environments or uses.  You, therefore, need to think carefully about how your new turf will be used, not just in the short term, but in the future, too.

Family-friendly turf

summer party lawn

If you are laying turf for your garden, and you have pets and children at home, look for a turf that is hard wearing.   Jubilee Turf, for example, is perfect for busy, active gardens that will endure repeated use. Whether from kids playing football or dogs running up and down.

More information about Jubilee Turf

General purpose turf

Creating a general purpose lawn, for landscaping or amenity use? Garden Lawn Turf,  is a good all rounder and looks verdant at any time of year.

More information about Garden Lawn Turf

Species Rich Turf

If you want a low maintenance lawn but hate the idea of artificial grass, why not consider our species rich turf?

It only needs mowing every 2-3 weeks and will not only give you a beautiful patch to relax and play in – it will be a great support for local wildlife.

Species Rich Turf contains a mix of slow growing grass and low growing wildflowers. It’s eco-friendly, low maintenance and very beautiful.

More about species rich turf here.

What is your garden like?

Different grass species prefer different conditions. Your normal lawn care regime will help your grass to thrive in the conditions in your garden, but choosing the right turf to begin with will give it a great head start.

If your garden is quite shaded in places, you might want to invest in a specialist turf such as “Shadesman+“. Shadesman+ is better at coping with lower light conditions than garden lawn turf or jubilee turf and is less likely to become pale or weak in the shade.

More information here

How much time do you have for maintenance?

If you haven’t got much time for gardening, you need a lawn that almost looks after itself. Hard-wearing types such as Jubilee and Garden Lawn Turf are easy to care for.

Weather conditions can play a part

The conditions of your garden may also dictate the type of turf that will flourish best in your green space. Think about aspects such as shade, soil type and drainage. UK weather can be dramatically varied at different times of the year, so think about how all of the different conditions will impact the type of turf you choose.

Think about your budget

Not all turf products come with the same price tag, so you will probably pay more per square metre for grass intended for ornamental use. Having said that, if you buy your turf from a reputable supplier such as Turfonline, who has carefully nurtured the turf from scratch using quality seeds free from weeds, you can expect excellent results from even the cheapest type of turf, ensuring you get great value for money.

Advice on choosing turf

Choosing the right kind of turf can be tricky, so it is worth seeking advice from specialists, such as the Turfonline Team, to ensure you make the right decision for your green space. Once you’ve got your turf, lay it as soon as possible to give it the best start and to keep it looking in pristine condition.

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