Some people go green with a smart thermostat in their house or solar panels on the roof. While these additions might go some way to saving money and power usage, they don’t directly help the local ecology.

green Enviromat roof, on the other hand, will help the bugs, bees and birds in your immediate neighbourhood, whilst providing a gorgeous feature around your home or garden. Enviromat provides a constant sea of green and flowering plants for your sheds, summer houses, stables or other outbuildings, in the form of an easy-to-install-and-maintain sedum roof and matting. Ideal for the home environment or on offices, it can also provide a green feature where there isn’t a natural alternative – in built-up areas and high rise-apartments, for example.

We can help install and maintain your roof; installation is recommended as the materials can be heavy and it is definitely a job for more than one person. Plant maintenance is minimal, requiring only a yearly feed, but we can regularly check to ensure the matting is secure and in good condition. If you’re planning a new garden or building, then we are more than happy to work with the designer, architects or contractors to install one.

Enviromat is available in custom sizings to fit any project, coming with a range of sedum and stonecrop plants that will flower throughout the year, providing constant variety and colour. As well as being good for the wildlife, Enviromat helps absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and can filter dust particles and other pollutants. The Enviromat product drains easily and is drought-tolerant. With minimal need for watering, it will thrive whatever the local weather conditions.

So, instead of throwing money into high-technology green solutions, why not go back to basics? Add a flexible, attractive and truly environmentally friendly piece of greenery which is modern, and can help bring life to an old building or make a true feature out of a shed or other building.