Let’s Build A Garden”- Introduction. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is driving all sorts of changes for all of us.

To help those self-isolating, working from home, looking after children or feeling vulnerable “Let’s Build A Garden” is a social media and e-communications campaign designed to encourage the sharing of ideas, the creation of resources and the practice of building a garden whether you do it with your children, your parents or just for you.

“Let’s Build A Garden” will use social media platforms to provide step by step ideas, resources and “homework” to encourage people to start a garden project.

Each week a new step will be introduced – hopefully with ever-growing support.

Please “Like” our facebook page or “Share” this email with anyone you know who has children to look after, is self-isolating or just needs a project.

Have you got pets?

How much space do they need?

Have you got enough room for sports or a trampoline? Is it staying?

How can you plan and work with your parents in their garden, and you in yours?

Could you develop plans for each garden and share with them and us?

Wat about agreeing to get outside at the same time, to start the same things and to compare notes on how you’re getting on?

Try comparing where your garden is now and where their garden is now and the elements you want to change?

How do you access your garden – do you want to change anything?

Have you got pipes, cables or phone lines to think about?

If your children are older, then the garden audit could be more serious…

What type of soil do you have?

Is there water – where does the water come from and flow through the garden?

Does water run-off from hard-standing and decking or is it absorbed?

Can your children find out what the geology –

what kind of rock you have under your garden?

which plant and tree species do you have –

Of the different plants, which ones appear to be doing better?

…….And the most important question – what would a successful garden project look like for you, your garden and your children?

If you’re working in parallel with your parents or friends who are self-isolating what would success look like for them?

Please share your thoughts and ideas by sending through your ideas to mailto:marketing@harrowdenturf.co.uk

And we’ll share with the group for inspiration.

Please note this list is meant only as a list of initial ideas and is not an exhaustive list of everything you should consider. The resources we list are not recommended by us – we are merely providing some sources of material which may prove helpful.