Let’s Build A Garden – Planting. So, it would seem that we have reached the key guide on planting at a very opportune time. Garden centres may be opening later this week so if you have been scheduling your “lets build a garden” project week by week we should just about be ready.


So, planting – sounds easy. Everything is ready, the hard landscaping is done, the beds are all beautifully raked and you have a clear plan for what’s going where.

Help & Resources

But – there is plenty of help available – from the RHS, the BBC and from our own website and blog articles. These look at colours, the best plants for different soils, different locations as well as the actual practice of putting plants in the ground.



Roofs, Wildflowers & Shrubs

Of course, it’s not just about ground cover, there are roofs to consider as well as wildflowers, sedum shrubs and flowers. And that’s before we even think about vegetables….

 Whilst we looked at boundaries as part of the initial audit it may be that your project needs new trees and hedges or you have extensive roofs and want to make the most of them – again there is help.