The Society of Garden Designers have selected Meadowmat for Birds and Bees as a finalist for their Product of the Year Award.

Members of the SGD voted for the products that they felt were the most worthy contenders for the overall title. All ten of the shortlisted products will be displayed at The Landscape Show in Battersea Park from 23rd-24th September 2014. Garden Designers visiting the show will be asked to vote for their favourite product. The product with the most votes will be revealed at the show on 24th September.

Meadowmat for Birds and Bees was launched early in 2014 and the first batch very quickly sold out. Consisting of over 40 native species of grasses and flowering plants, Meadowmat is effectively a pre-grown wildflower meadow on a roll. It’s laid just like turf and is very quick to establish.

Is Wild Flower Mat Better Than Wild Flower Seed?

The advantage of using wild flower matting rather than wild flower seed is that any annual weed seeds in the soil will be supressed. It’s also much quicker and satisfies the gardener’s need for speedy results.

What Is Meadowmat For Birds And Bees?

Birds and Bees was developed by Meadowmat Production Manager Robert Allen and Marketing Co-ordinator Angela Lambert. The seed mix is comprised of 20% native grasses and 80% native flowering plants. “By reducing the proportion of grasses in the seed mix the final product is more appealling to the gardener” explains Angela.”The mix of flowering species is unique to Meadowmat for Birds and Bees. It’s been compiled so that the product will have a longer flowering period than most of the wildflower mats offered at the moment. It’s especially important for bumble bees that they have a food source from early spring, right through until the first frosts. Birds and Bees does a good job of providing pollen and nectar in the months that bumblebees are flying.” Angela goes on to say “We’ve also incorporated some plants with beautiful seed heads. They’re pleasing to the gardener and to the birds who will feed on them during the autumn and winter.”

What Species Are In The Seedmix For Birds And Bees?

You’ll find a full list of species as well as a reminder of the features and benefits of Meadowmat for Birds and Bees on the Meadowmat website. Alternatively, feel free to email Angela for a copy of the product spec sheet

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