What is the price of garden turf?

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turf prices per square metre

So, what will it cost for you to re-turf your garden?

Here’s how to estimate the price of turf and then get a firm quote.

I don’t think I can afford to pay a landscaper. Can I lay turf myself?

The simple answer to this one is “yes!” provided you are reasonably strong and active.  It’s important to remember that turf must be laid on the day it is delivered but there is no reason why you can’t spread the workload by preparing the ground a week or more in advance.

Laying turf isn’t difficult – but preparing the soil can be time consuming.  Make sure the preparation is done before the turf is delivered.


professional turf installation

Do I need to buy any special tools?

Laying turf doesn’t require any specialised equipment.  Just a garden fork, a rake, a hosepipe or watering can, some laying boards and a strong back.

But, if you want to make the work easier and quicker, you can hire a rotovator from your local tool hire shop.  It’ll save you hours of digging!

A powered turf cutter is also a useful tool for removing old vegetation.  They can be hired too.

What about the cost of garden turf?

Lawn turf is available in several different grades. Let’s look at the cost of a medium grade turf that is hardwearing and suitable for a family lawn.

An average sized lawn is around 100m2.

It’s always a good idea to add on an extra 5% when buying turf. There’s usually a bit of trimming to be done and there’s nothing worse than being 2 rolls short at the end of a job.

On our home page has a link to a calculator which will help you work out how much turf you need.

You may also want to buy some laying boards – (not something you normally find in a DIY shop or garden centre) and/or an extra wide landscaping rake (pretty handy in the veg patch once the turf is laid).


Buy turf Hozelock Ultimate Hose 30m Laying boards
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A wheelbarrow comes in very handy – remember this is kerbside delivery and you will need to shift the turves to where you’re going to be laying them.

And don’t forget the hosepipe.

How to work out the exact cost of your turfing job

Turfonline have got that sorted for you:  Simply measure the area to be turfed . Be VERY careful about accuracy and follow the instructions on this diagram to work out how many square metres of turf you need.


What is the price of garden turf – One square metre = 1 roll of turf.

Go to the “buy turf” section of Turfonline.co.uk, select the best turf for your job and your budget and type the number of rolls into the “Qty” box

Then hit “add to cart”

On the top right of your screen you’ll see the shopping cart icon with the value of your products in it.

If the price is right – feel free to go ahead and place your order.  You can always schedule a delivery date for the future if you want to.

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How to lay turf properly

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