Sourcing sustainably grown green roofing

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Sourcing a green roof can help you save money. Regardless whether you own a residential property or operate a commercial facility. It can also lower your building’s carbon footprint. If you are considering investing in a living roof, here are our top three benefits:

1. Increase the lifespan of your roof

Throughout the day and into the evening, your roof is exposed to ultra-violet light and changes of temperature. These will gradually affect the structure of your roofing surfaces. Over time your waterproofing membranes can be damaged by leaks and suffer structural damage. Scientific studies show that replacing your conventional roof with a green roof can extend the lifespan of these waterproofing membranes. So by putting an environmentally efficient barrier between your waterproofing membranes and your roof, you can safeguard your home from weather-related damage.

2. Sourcing a green roof – Reduce noise levels

When pelted by rain and hail, conventional flat and steel roofs can generate a significant amount of noise. These sounds can be especially irritating. However, you can reduce this noise by fitting your building with a living roof. A combination of trapped layers of air and plants will absorb these sounds before they can be broadcast throughout your facility.

3. Sourcing a green roof – Lower your energy bills

Poorly insulated buildings lose vital heat during the winter and let out cool air throughout the summer. These losses will increase your building’s annual heating and air conditioning costs. But if you fit your house or commercial building with an eco roof, you can insulate your building efficiently and greatly reduce your energy bills.

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