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What Is Meadowmat Woodland Shade?

Meadowmat for Woodland Shade is a pre-grown mat of UK wildflowers that simply needs to be laid onto prepared soil. There’s a nice mixture of wildflowers and grasses that like to grow in slightly shady conditions. We grow and harvest Meadowmat on our farm in Norfolk. With Meadowmat, you will have instant ground cover and within weeks, the plants will have rooted deep into your soil ready to give you a beautiful display of spring and summer flowers.

Every garden has a space where bedding plants won’t thrive because the light levels are too low. Under fruit trees for example, or in the lee of a shed or a fence. Meadowmat for Woodland Shade loves part-shade and will bring colourful flowers and interesting wildlife to those previously dull spots.

Where To Use Meadowmat Woodland Shade

Meadowmat Woodland Shade likes to grow where the soil is well drained but not too nutrient-rich. It will tolerate bright sunlight but this blend of plants prefers to live in the cool shade beneath trees. These are native wildflowers that naturally grow in woods, copses and hedgerows so they’re well adapted to low light levels. Please note though, that Meadowmat Woodland Shade won’t do well in really deep, permanent shade. These plants do need to see a little bit of daylight.

Developed in response to customers’ requests, this Meadowmat has a lovely long flowering period. Depending on the conditions in your garden, you can expect to see blooms from April, right through to September or October.

What Plants Are In Meadowmat Woodland Shade?

38 species of native perennial plants make up the seed mix for Meadowmat Woodland Shade. 35 of those species are broadleaved plants, 3 of them are grasses. In the seed mix, 70% of the seed by weight are flowering plants, the rest are woodland grasses. For the full seed mix please click here.

Species and proportions may vary depending on weather conditions and availability of seed. Once Meadowmat has established in your garden, the species mix will adapt to it’s new environment and you may find that your wild flower area will look delightfully different from year to year. That’s just one of the many charms of growing wild flowers.


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Caring For Meadowmat Woodland Shade

Wildflowers are incredibly self-sufficient. They don’t need to be fed, deadheaded, pruned or pampered in any way and Meadowmat Woodland Shade is a good example of how easy wild flowers are to look after. All you need to do is let it grow throughout the spring and summer. When the flowers have finished blooming and the plants have set seed, cut the Meadowmat down to about 10 cm high and remove all of the clippings. It will look a bit dry and brown for a couple of weeks but will soon start to green up. Throughout autumn and winter, keep the area neat by mowing once or twice with the mower on its highest setting….try to avoid cutting it shorter than 10cm because you risk damaging the flowering plants.

What Other Types Of Meadowmat Are Available?

Meadowmat for Woodland Shade is just one of a whole family of Meadowmat varieties. For a sunny border, you might like Cottage Garden Meadowmat. We also grow a mixture that is tailored to support birds and bees, one that is just like a traditional hay meadow and one that is perfect for wildflower roofs

Find out more about different Meadowmat varieties here.

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