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A look at some of the reviews and testimonials from Turfonline’s customers.

At Turfonline, reviews matter. Every single member of our team is striving to grow, harvest and deliver the very best garden and landscaping products that we can. How will we know where we need to improve if we don’t gather feedback from our customers?

Here are our favourite reviews from 2018

Lawn Turf Reviews

new turf lawn
All I have is praise for turf online ……. we decided to go with them when our new lawn needed to be laid …. ordered on a Sunday online and was contacted on Monday to say it would be delivered on Tuesday….It arrived and was in tip-top condition …. we went for the jubilee one and it’s gone down really well which I hope to show you in the photos I add ….. in a world where people seem to focus on price more so than service it’s good to see that turf online we’re not only competitive on price but also delivered a top quality product to our door which has been a pleasure to lay, nurture and watch grow … thank you so much ….”

Gary and Sam Gittin

new lawn from turf

“Website was easy to use to order the turf. I rang and asked for a smaller delivery vehicle – it was arranged. I paid extra for the turf to arrive between 9-11am, it actually arrived early and allowed me more time to get the job done. The turf was of good quality, there were no defects from the 80 that I laid. There were some good tips on turf laying and aftercare on the website. Good service and good value”

A Jones

lawn turf review pic

Good quality, efficient service, happy delivery driver and it transformed my garden

J Savage May 2018

Using reviews to help us improve

Of course, not all of our reviews achieved a 5-star rating.  Out of 1515 reviews to date,

  • 79% were 5 star
  • 11% were 4 star
  • 4 % were 3 star
  • 2 % achieved 2 stars
  • 4% had a 1-star rating

You may be surprised to hear that it’s the 1-star ratings that help us the most. We hate that there have been mistakes made and use the information from unhappy customers to help us identify weak points in products and service.

This year, thanks to unhappy customers we have spent extra time training staff in product knowledge and in customer service.

In 2019 we hope to have less than 1% of buyers give us a 1-star rating.

Green Roof Reviews

It’s great to see green roof projects brought to life. Our Enviromat green roof system has been devised so that it’s relatively lightweight and simple to install. Ideal for garden buildings like these.

sedum green roof shed

“Write from the first phone to to your company was a pleasure, the staff were very helpful and the living roof on our shed looks wonderful, it came with everything we need to fit on to roof and it was delivered very fast, the van driver even brought it up our drive to the house, lovely person. Would we recommend you! Most definitely would thank you all very much.”

J Macey September 2018

Wildflower Reviews

Meadowmat wildflower turf is a little different from lawn turf and Enviromat sedum matting. Consequently, you don’t get the full effect of the product for quite a few weeks after delivery.

Our independent reviewing service contacts customers a few days after delivery – because we want to get feedback while everything is fresh in buyers minds. And because if there are any issues, we aim to resolve them ASAP.

Sadly that means that we’re a bit short of written reviews for Meadowmat at the moment. We do have some nice case studies on our blog site though.

You might find this Meadowmat case study helpful

How was our delivery service?

97% of reviewers said that their delivery was on time. That’s great news. Turf is highly perishable, especially in warm weather and we need to know that our couriers are taking care of the products and customers.

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