When’s the latest you can lay Meadowmat?

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When’s the latest you can lay Meadowmat – Meadowmat wild flower turf is an easy going landscaping product, it really doesn’t mind what time of year it is planted.  But if you want it to flower in its first summer (and who wouldn’t?) – here are some hints and tips.

  1. Avoid laying Meadowmat onto frozen soil.  Frozen soil can’t be worked or prepared well.  It usually turns into a wet mush and no plant wants to put roots into that.
  2. Always lay Meadowmat onto low nutrient soil.  I keep banging on about that and it’s not because I want you to waste your money buying more products.  It’s because I don’t want you to waste precious resources on disappointing results.
    Most garden soil has far too much phosphorus in it for wild flowers to thrive.  You’ll have one summer of flowers (if you’re lucky) and then the grasses will outcompete the pretty things
  3. Lay Meadowmat BEFORE the end of March if you want summer flowers.  The plants need time to grow roots, leaves and stems before they can bloom.
  4. For best results, install between September and December so that the plants can get really well established before the spring growth spurt.

Planting Meadowmat in the autumn and winter

For me, this is the perfect time of year to lay Meadowmat.  I have relatively little work to do in other parts of the garden.  The soil stays warm up until the first deep frosts and the plants seem to settle better.  They have a good 3-4 months before Mother Nature deems that they start growing really fast.  That means that they can concentrate on growing strong roots and getting used to their new position.


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Planting Meadowmat in spring

I’m a big fan of spring planting – if I have time to do it.  Just be aware that the wildflowers in Meadowmat do need a certain amount of time between installation and flowering.  The later in spring you lay your Meadowmat the fewer wildflower species will manage to flower in their first summer.  Don’t worry though, most of these plants are perennials – so you’ll get to see them next summer.

Planting Meadowmat in summer

Meadowmat can be laid at any time of year.  In the summer months, newly laid Meadowmat will need plenty of watering – don’t let it dry out – ever.  Depending on the variety of Meadowmat, you may see a few flowers in late summer/early autumn – but don’t hold your breath.

How to lay Meadowmat

The principals are the same, whatever time of year you choose to lay your Meadowmat.  Watch our video to learn how to lay Meadowmat.

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