Where to buy turf in Scotland

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turf in scotland

Turf in Scotland . It’s one of those gardening essentials that you need from time to time but it’s not in every garden centre. So if you’re wondering where to buy turf – look no further. Stewarts Turf can help.

B&Q turf

A good place to find turf during the spring and summer season is your local B&Q store. There are a couple of things to be wary of though.


DIY stores and garden centres do sometimes stock turf, but check before you go that they have turf rolls in stock and that the product is nice and fresh

Beware of reduced price rolls – they may be cheap but they’ve probably been sitting there a day or two and might not be fresh enough to grow.

Think about how you’ll get the turf home. Turf is bulky, heavy and dirty. If you could fit it into the boot of your car, would you really want to?

Make sure your turf is as fresh as fresh can be. If I were you I would phone the store beforehand to find out when they are expecting a delivery. Collect your turf on that day and check that the rolls really are fresh. If they’re stale, the grass will be yellowing and there may be a bit of a bad smell when you unroll them.

B&Q don’t stock turf all year round so double-check before deciding that’s the place to buy.

Buying turf from your local turf retailer

Personally I’m a big fan of buying locally. You’ll be helping to keep jobs in the area and money in the local economy. In Scotland, Stewarts Turf are one of the best known turf suppliers and they are now part of Harrowden Turf. Based in Edinburgh, they do deliver almost everywhere in the country, including several garden centres. There’s a choice of turf types and price points and the staff are really helpful.

Phone Harrowden Turf on 0131 663 6617 to find your nearest stockist.

Buy Turf Online

Ahhh the Internet. Love it or hate it, it’s the place where you can find pretty much any product from anywhere in the world. And that includes lawn turf.

If you choose to buy turf online, try to pick a reputable supplier. Remember, you won’t be able to examine the product until it is delivered so make sure you trust the retailer.

If it helps, you can phone the retailer to ask questions before placing an order. I don’t know about you but I often get a feel for a company just by speaking to them on the phone. If they’re neither friendly nor helpful, I don’t buy from them.

For Best Results When Buying Turf
  • Shop around but don’t necessarily buy the cheapest turf you can find. There are big differences in quality and appearance.
  • Understand turf types so that you buy the right turf for your project.
  • Use Facebook to research turf companies – you will probably get to see past projects and read reviews from other customers.
  • Be ready to lay your turf as soon as it arrives – turf quality deteriorates quickly once it’s been harvested. The longer it’s left between harvesting and laying, the more likely you are to be disappointed with your new lawn.

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