Wildflowers for easy gardening

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wildflowers for easy gardening

Wildflowers for easy gardening –  Many modern day garden flowers are prone to pests and diseases, susceptible to frost and need lots of feed to keep them looking good. This is not the case for the grasses and flowers that make up Meadowmat wild flower mats.

Whichever pre-grown flower mat you choose, you can be sure that the plants will be strong, healthy, robust and wildlife friendly.

Why Gardeners Love Meadowmat – Easy Gardening
  • Wild flower mats are easy to install and give instant coverage
  • Perennial plants re grow every year
  • Colourful mix of flowering plants and native grasses
  • Annual weeds are suppressed by the matting system
  • No need for chemical fertilisers
  • Low maintenance; once Meadowmat is established it is very easy to care for by simply cutting back once a year.
Where To Use Meadowmat In Your Garden

It’s surprising how versatile Meadowmat can be. All the plants need to thrive is a sunny spot and poor soil. Gardening with wildflowers doesn’t get much easier!

Meadowmat customers have used wild flower mats for some exciting projects – to surround a wildlife pond in Stratford on Avon or to create a low maintenance lawn in a back garden in West London.


What Plants Will I Find In Meadowmat?

You can choose from a range of wild flower mats, each of which has a different mixture of grasses and flowering grasses.

Traditional Meadowmat is just like an old fashioned hay meadow. The kind that you may remember from your childhood.


Meadowmat wildflower turf Meadowmat Cottage Garden Meadowmat Wildflower Turf
Buy Meadowmat Wildflower Turf Buy Meadowmat Wildflower Turf Buy Meadowmat Wildflower Turf


Meadowmat for Birds and Bees does exactly what the name suggests. It contains nectar rich flowering species to support bees. The long flowering period ensures that early flying bumblebees can find food whenever they need it. Meadowmat for Birds and Bees also contains plants with superb seedheads. Lovely for you to look at. Lovely for birds to eat.

Cottage Garden Meadowmat. A scrumptious blend of native and non-native flowering plants and grasses. Gives a long flowering period to support pollinating insects and contains some of Granny’s favourite traditional cottage garden flowers.

Woodland Shade Meadowmat. Meadowmat that will happily grow in part-sun or light shade. A mix of woodland wild plants that will cope with the conditions beneath trees or beside walls and hedges. Please note: Woodland Shade Meadowmat will not tolerate very deep shade

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