Yellow Wildflowers

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yellow wildflowers

Yellow Wildflowers – Love it or hate it yellow is one of Mother Nature’s most prolific colours.  The bright yellow flowers of Mahonia appear in deepest winter and feed any bumblebees that brave the cooler weather to come out for a fly.

Spring is heralded by hosts of golden daffodils in our gardens and the sight of them is always cheery.  In fact, it is claimed that the colour yellow will boost metabolism and make us feel better.

So why not get a head start on Spring?

Here are some images of yellow wildlflowers to cheer you up on a miserable January day.

Cowslip; Primula veris

One of the first yellow wildflowers to delight us in Spring time.  These were photographed in a traditionally managed meadow in Norfolk where they provide a bright splash of colour in amongst the fields of wheat and sugar beet.

birdsfoot trefoil yellow flower

Birdsfoot Trefoil; Lotus corniculatus

A vital source of protein rich pollen to feed early emerging bumblebees and honeybees.  Birdsfoot trefoil is a member of the pea family and thrives in species rich meadows and on road verges throughout the UK.  You may even have some in your garden.

Greater Celandine; Chelidonium majus

Related to our beloved poppy, this plant is ever so easy to grow in the garden and seems to be very attractive to hoverflies.

Read more about Greater Celandine

Corn Marigold; Calendula segetum

Wow! what a cheerful little plant.  Sadly disappearing from our countryside because it’s an annual plant that likes to germinate on disturbed farmland. Consequently it often falls foul of herbicides used on agricultural crops.  Please grow some in your garden this year. I promise they won’t fail to make you smile.

All of these plants, apart from corn marigold, appear in one or other (or sometimes both) of our Meadowmat Wildflower mats.

If you want to find out more about growing wild flowers in your garden click here.

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