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What Is MeadowMat?

Wildflowers are amazing and the UK is lucky enough to support over 1,300 different wild flower species. However, according to a report from Plantlife, in some counties of the UK wildflowers are disappearing at a rate of more than 2 species per year.

GardenersLocal AuthoritiesDevelopersSchools and Communities can help by establishing wild flowers wherever they possibly can.

Meadowmat wildflower turf is a simple product designed to make growing wild flowers easy regardless of how much gardening experience you have.

What Is Meadowmat Wildflower Turf?

Meadowmat is a pre-grown carpet of flowering plants and grasses that is simply unrolled onto prepared ground. It needs to be kept watered until it roots into your soil (normally 3-4 weeks). Once established, it will reward you every summer with a colourful display of wildlife-friendly plants.

Meadowmat is quick and easy to install. It gives you instant ground coverage and smothers any annual weed seeds already in your soil. Find out how to lay Meadowmat wild flower turf

There is a very fine biodegradeable netting in the soil layer of Meadowmat. This adds strength for better handling and transportation. It will slowly disintigrate once your Meadowmat has been laid.

How Is Meadowmat Grown?

Seeds of the UK’s favourite wild plants are blended together and sown on to a special matting system. They are nurtured and grown our nursery fields in Norfolk. Once the mats have a good coverage of plants and a strong root system, they are cut into manageable roll sizes ready to be despatched to gardeners throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Meadowmat rolls are 1 metre wide by 2 metres long and cover an area of 2 square metres. Average weight is 24Kg per roll but this can vary . If we’ve had a lot of rain on the nursery fields, Meadowmat may be heavier.

What Plants Grow In Meadowmat?

Each different variety of Meadowmat has a different mix of plant species.

Traditional Meadowmat is just like an old-fashioned wildflower meadow from the days of yore. It grows knee-high or more and gives a strong burst of colour in early-mid summer.

Find out more about traditional Meadowmat,including seedmix and flowering times

Meadowmat for Birds and Bees contains flowering plants and grasses that have been specially chosen to please birds and bees. This Meadowmat features a long flowering period with nectar rich flowers for the bees. For the birds, there are tasty grasses and seedheads.

Click here for more details about Meadowmat for Birds and Bees

Cottage Garden Meadowmat is a mixture of native and non-native plants commonly found in old-fashioned cottage gardens.  These pollinator-friendly plants will enhance any garden and have been specially chosen to create an interesting and colourful flower border.

Discover more about Cottage Garden Meadowmat

Woodland Shade Meadowmat thrives in the dappled shade beneath trees and shrubs bringing bags of interest to what can sometimes be a difficult spot in the garden.  Available from autumn 2015.

More details about Woodland Shade Meadowmat

Which Type Of Meadowmat Is Best For Me?
Choosing between Meadowmat seed mixes
 is a matter of personal taste. Our product comparison page will help you to compare and contrast seedmixes. Or why not drop us an email?Show us a picture of the area you want to cover and tell us whereabouts you are in the UK and we’d be happy to advise you.

Compare and contrast Meadowmat varieties

Can I Select My Own Mix Of Wildflower Plants And Grasses?

Meadowmat offers a bespoke growing service. For anyone who has a large area of wildflower meadow to establish with a particular mix of plant species. The production team at Meadowmat can source seed for you and grow it on our matting system to a very high standard. Minimum order is 500 square metres and we do ask for a deposit before growing starts.

When Should Meadowmat Be Planted?

Meadowmat wildflower turf can be installed at any time of year unless the ground is frozen.

For best results: Lay Meadowmat between September and March. This will allow the plants to root into your soil in good time for them to bloom in the summer. Always ensure that Meadowmat is laid onto impoverished soil.

How To Make A Wildflower Meadow

The success of a floral meadow depends on two things

Visit our Meadowmat Information Centre to learn more about growing and caring for wildflower meadows