Buying Turf in Sussex

Looking for a quality grass turf supplier in Sussex?

Turf Online, the top turf choice for domestic and trade customers, has a modern and efficient nationwide delivery service. Gardeners wanting to lay new grass turf or wildflower meadow turf anywhere from Chichester to Brighton, can rely on Turf Online for a superb quality turf, lovingly grown and delivered with exceptional care in special eco-friendly vehicles.

When you’re planning a new lawn or repairing your existing one, you need to get it right first time. That’s why you need the right turf from the right growers – and you need the best delivery service to ensure you receive your valuable new turf in the best condition, ready to lay.

Turf Online grows your turf in some of the UK’s finest soils in Thetford, East Anglia. To reach your Sussex garden, we time our entire operation with precision. Our turf is cut at the optimum time, carefully rolled and placed in a specially designed lorry which will protect it from extreme temperatures during its journey.

Your turf will reach its Sussex destination ready to lay. You need to have prepared the site before ordering so that you can lay the turf as soon as possible. And with our advanced vehicle tracking system, if there is any delay on the road, you will be the first to hear. This way we can continue to coordinate the most efficient delivery for you.

Why Turf Online?

Turf Online has been growing its acclaimed turf for over twenty years on its Norfolk farm. The rich, dark soil and prevailing conditions are ideal for tender young grass plants. And our turf farmers are specialists, devoted to the task of creating superb turf for all requirements.

Not sure which turf you need?

About ordering turf

Our goal is to help you transform your Sussex garden with the finest turf. So, we are here to help at any stage, by phone and by email. We can advise you on the grade of turf you need, how to measure your site and order the correct amount of turf, and how to prepare your site.

Planning is everything! If you are in a hurry and place your order no later than noon one day, we aim to deliver the next working day. However, we recommend that you order well in advance, once your site is ready; this way we can give you a precise time on the agreed delivery date so that you can be ready to start laying immediately.

How do I lay my new turf?