Fertilisers and Turf Feed

Our pre-turfing fertiliser should be applied directly to the soil immediately prior to laying your new turf. This guarantees that the re-establishing root system is receiving everything it requires to quickly re-develop.

Keeping your lawn healthy requires good routine maintenance. Fertilising the lawn is key to a lush, green lawn. By fertilising the lawn in the spring and summer with a nitrogen rich food, it will green up, meaning that your lawn turf can grow thicker and stronger. In turn, this will enable it to withstand everyday wear and tear, keeping your lawn fresh all season long.

An autumn feed, high in phosphates and potash, will ensure that the lawn develops a healthy root system and consequently helps prevent disease and damage from lawn grubs during the winter months. On top of this, when looking after your lawn turf, it is important to know that weeds are opportunistic and will only establish if the lawn is sparse with bare patches. By feeding the turf and keeping it strong and healthy, it retains a dense sward preventing invasion from weeds.

Our range of turf feed and turf fertilisers will help to keep your beloved lawn neat, tidy and full of life. So make sure that you are taking care of your lawn and keeping it as healthy as possible with our range of turf fertilisers and turf feed.

  1. Rapid Roots - Pre-Seeding/Turfing Feed (2kg)

    Why the Harrowden Turf Rapid Roots Pre-turfing fertiliser?

    £14.40 Incl VAT
  2. Rejuvenator - Autumn/Winter Feed (2kg)

    Harrowden Rejuvenator Autumn/Winter fertiliser for lawn maintenance

    £14.40 Incl VAT
  3. Sedum Fertiliser (2kg)

    How is this feed used and why?

    £23.95 Incl VAT
  4. Vivid Green - Spring/Summer Feed (2kg)

    In order to keep your lawn turf healthy throughout the summer heat, you need to feed it well keep nutrient levels balanced and in check. By doing this, you can help ensure that your beautifully maintained lawn stays fresh and green throughout the season

    £14.40 Incl VAT