EverGreen® Handy Spreader

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The EverGreen® Handy Spreader is ideal for small lawns and is easy to use with 5 settings. Suitable for both lawn feed and seed.

EverGreen® Handy SpreaderEverGreen® Handy Spreader
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EverGreen® Handy Spreader EverGreen® Handy Spreader

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EverGreen® Handy Spreader

Quickly and efficiently distribute granular lawn feed with the EverGreen® Handy Spreader. This handy spreader ensures great results and is perfect for small lawns.

This spreader can also be used with grass seed for overseeding and creating new lawns.

  • Adjustable spreading rates for use with a wide range of products

  • No assembly required

  • Made from durable lightweight materials

  • Fully washable

How to use

  • Always wear gloves when handling any chemicals or fertilisers.

  • Keep any stored fertiliser or seed away from children and pets.

  • Just fill the hopper - ideally away from the lawn to avoid spills that might damage the grass.

  • Adjust the spreader settings.

  • Walk up and down the lawn at normal speed turning the handle. For best results, cover the lawn area in different directions. This will avoid striping between each row.

  • After use - pour any leftover product back into the original packaging and reseal. Wash the spreader thoroughly over the lawn to remove all product clinging to the spreader. Warm water may be required to remove stubborn residues. Allow the spreader to fully dry before storage. 

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