Our most popular grade of turf. Grown for golf tees, tennis courts, prestigious landscaping works, luxury garden lawns. Attractive and easy to maintain.

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Turf Score Attributes

Visual Merit

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Finenness of Leaf

Shade Tolerance

Shoot Recovery

Winter Greenness

Summer Greenness

Disease Resistance

Ease of Maintenance


Medium fine texture. A blend of grasses developed to provide a turf suitable for most grass surface requirements. Grows well in dappled shade and full sun. Excellent shoot recovery when subjected to heavy wear. Maintains exceptional greenness during winter. Disease resistant and drought tolerant. Maintaining at 1” or above promotes exceptional durability or maintaining below ½”will encourage the finer fescues within the blend for a more showy lawn. Medium green colour. 


Multiple uses including golf courses, summer sports surfaces, prestige family lawns, medium shade areas, landscape projects and show gardens. 

Special Requirements

Regular feeding throughout the growing season to maintain healthy establishment

Seed Mix 

30% Bargold       Perennial ryegrass

25% Victorka      Slender creeping red fescue

30% Barpearl     Slender creeping red fescue

15% Julius          Smooth stalked meadow grass

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10-14 m² £6.72 m² 0%
15-19 m² £4.92 m² 27%
20-24 m² £4.20 m² 38%
25-29 m² £3.72 m² 45%
30-34 m² £3.60 m² 47%
35-39 m² £3.54 m² 48%
40-44 m² £3.30 m² 51%
45-49 m² £3.24 m² 52%
50-54 m² £3.12 m² 54%
55 m² £3.00 m² 56%
MIN QTY: 10m²
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