If your garden is looking a bit tired and you want to perk it up, a new lawn from turf could be just the thing but can you really lay turf in July? Here’s the advice from the Turfonline Team.

Is it OK to lay turf in July?

The simple answer is yes, it’s OK to lay turf in July – provided you are confident that you can keep it well watered until the roots are established. Once you’ve successfully laid your turf, in very hot dry weather, that might mean watering twice a day.

watering a newly laid lawn with a sprinkler

Newly laid turf needs one thing more than anything else, and that need is the same whatever the time of year. Freshly laid turf needs water. In autumn, winter and spring UK weather is generally quite damp and mild and so keeping turf moist is relatively simple. In July however, long warm days and not much rain makes it harder to keep the soil damp.


The Turfonline Team recommend checking the soil beneath your turf at least twice a day and watering as often as necessary. If you have a holiday booked in the next 4-6 weeks, it might be wise to postpone the turfing until you get home.

Tips for laying turf in July

  • Prepare the ground before your turf is delivered
  • Add water retaining crystals to the soil https://www.turfonline.co.uk/watering/
  • Start laying turf as soon as it arrives – do not try to store it in hot weather, it’s very vulnerable to sod heating.
  • Only order as much turf as you can lay in one day – it’s better to have deliveries spread over several days than to lose your lawn to sod heating
  • Be waterwise. Irrigate when the sun is low in the sky – evenings are best because the water has a good chance to soak in overnight. Early mornings are also OK for watering but avoid midday if you can – most of your precious water will evaporate into the sky!
  • If there is a hosepipe ban in place you may still be allowed to water new turf. Check with your local council.
  • Avoid walking on newly laid turf for at least 4 weeks. Let the roots get really well established first.
  • Don’t mow your new lawn too short. It will be ready for its first cut after 10-14 days. Aim to maintain the grass at around 5-8 cm long at least until September/October – this helps shade the soil and retain moisture.

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