What Is Meadow Turf?

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What is Meadow Turf? There are two meanings for the phrase “Meadow Turf”.  In this blogpost we’ll discover what Meadow Turf is and how to install it.

Meadow turf is one of two things:

  1. Turf that has been harvested from a meadow that’s been used for animal grazing. It contains agricultural grasses and sometimes weeds but costs much less than cultivated lawn turf.  Or
  2. Turf with wild flowers growing in it. Used by landscapers and garden designers to create wildlife-friendly but low maintenance areas in a garden.
meadowmat birds and bees mix
The term Meadow Turf might also mean turf with wild flowers in it – like this Meadowmat for Birds and Bees

At Turfonline we grow and sell cultivated lawn turf and Meadowmat – a type of turf rife with an array of different wildflowers.  Both are carefully cultivated from specially selected seeds and nurtured in the field so that you, the gardener, can buy a really good quality product.


meadow turf
Low cost meadow-turf may have been fantastic for Friesians but makes lack-lustre lawns.
Buying Cheap Lawn Turf

Our Jubilee grade turf is amongst the cheapest turf you can buy online – but there’s no compromise on quality.  This is a better choice than the old fashioned meadow turf that often includes grass species that don’t make a good lawn.  Agricultural grasses tend not to tolerate close mowing and they often grow in clumps and lumps.  They’re not pretty and their not practical (unless you are a farm animal).

Buying Meadowmat Wildflower Turf

If you want a wild flower lawn, Meadowmat is just the ticket.

What is Meadowmat?

It’s a meadow on a mat.  Lots of different species of wildflowers and grasses are grown together on a matting system.  All that you need to do for instant groundcover is unroll it on to prepared ground and keep it watered.


laying wild flower turf
Meadowmat wild flower turf being laid onto prepared soil
What flower species are in Meadowmat?

That all depends on which type of Meadowmat you choose.  There are five different kinds.  Each has a different mix of plant species.  They’re equally lovely.  You just need to decide which would look best in your garden.

All of the Meadowmat mixes are based on perennial plants.  So, once established they’ll flower year after year after year.  There’s hardly any maintenance, wild flower meadows are very easy to look after.


Heritage Meadowmat Traditional Meadowmat wildflower turf Meadowmat Cottage Garden
Buy Meadowmat Heritage Wildflower Turf Buy Traditional Meadowmat wildflower turf Meadowmat Cottage Garden wildflower turf
Traditional Meadow Mix

Likes sunshine.  34 species of wild flowers and grasses that you might find in an old fashioned hay meadow.  Includes the flamboyant Oxeye daisy, the sweetly scented Lady’s bedstraw and a favourite flower for bees, the Birdsfoot trefoil.

Cottage Garden Mix

Mostly wild flowers with a few colourful garden favourites added in for good measure.  A nice long flowering period.  Likes full sun or part shade.

Garden Birds and Bees Mix

42 different plant species and each one is attractive to birds or bees.  Grow this Meadowmat variety if you want flowers all summer followed by the seedheads that birds adore.

Woodland Shade Mix

If you have a place in your garden that doesn’t get much sun, this is the Meadowmat for you.  Woodland plants such as Red campions, Yarrow and Primrose are especially well adapted to lower light levels.  Tolerates dappled shade but not really deep shade.

Heritage Mix

For use on living green roofs or on the ground.  Stunning colours and very little grass.  This is my personal favourite from the Meadowmat range.

How to lay meadow turf

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