Satisfied customer, Mr John Kershaw, loves his new sedum roof. He has provided a testimonial which has to be one of the best ever. Why would anyone have a plain, boring felt roof when you can cover it with sedum. Sedum not only looks amazing it encourages pollinators.

Dear Angie

The sedum roof is beyond my wildest dreams. It all seemed so complicated before I talked to you, yet all we needed in the end ( once the roof was up and waterproofed) was a moisture layer ( which turns out to be like underlay and just as easy to put down) and then this miraculous kind of giant carpet roll made out of living things, which I just cut with a pair of scissors to the right size, then humped it up on to the roof, chucked some fertilizer over it, watered it, and that was it. It lost any sense of newness in about 2 weeks, everyone was saying how lovely and green and fabulously textured it was. Then suddenly (July) the whole thing became a carpet of flowers, beautiful little white and yellow flowers, smothering the whole roof, so it’s like a roof of joy. It stopped raining about 3 weeks ago and has been fearsome hot, but the sedum seemed to just love it. Yesterday, having no real knowledge of their resilience, I started to worry about them getting too dry so as night fell I gave the roof a gentle hosing down, and I swear I could hear the million little sedums.

As soon as I can afford it I’m going to plant the little flat roof over the kitchen ( which from Danny’s room will then look like a garden) and the garage. Roofing felt is basically just ugly. Now there is no need ever to have ugly flat roofs again. Thanks so much for your vision.

John Kershaw


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