Having a garden that’s replete with different kinds of wildflowers can encourage biodiversity and provide a sanctuary for many different species. However, it’s not just wildlife that can benefit from a wildflower garden: a meadow-like garden can also help you find tranquillity and fulfilment.

Just looking at a beautiful wildflower meadow or garden can be soothing and nourishing for the spirit, but you can also engage with your wildflower garden artistically in order to feel closer to nature while doing something rewarding.

Painting Wildflowers

Since time immemorial, landscape artists have immortalised gorgeous wildflower meadows using paint and canvas. Why not follow in their footsteps and try painting your wildflower garden?

This picture by Kelly Mills was inspired by Meadowmat and includes many of the creatures commonly found in a wildflower meadow

You don’t have to wait until the warmer part of the year to take up a paint-brush and palette; the stark beauty of a wildflower meadow in winter is worth capturing with brush-strokes on canvas!

Or take photographs in summer and spend the winter months recreating them on canvas.  Watercolours and acrylics lend themselves perfectly to painting wildflowers.  Pencil crayons, oil pastels and even inks are beautiful too.

Wildflowers And Sculpture

Artists such as Andy Goldsworth are renowned for turning materials found in nature into remarkable sculptures that look like extensions of the natural environment around them.

Wildflowers can be used to enhance a sculpture.  
This picture was taken at Hampton Court Flower Show in 2015

You may not be an expert sculptor of nature, but there’s no reason you can’t experiment with this unique form of art using the incredible flowers and plants in your garden meadow.

Flower Pressing

Flower pressing is a simple but elegant art-form from a bygone age; choosing the best wildflowers to press and ensuring that they are pressed in a position that preserves their beauty can be very rewarding.

What’s more, once a flower has been pressed, it can be reused in other artistic projects, such as collages, cardmaking or one of the natural sculptures we have already discussed.

Pressed flowers used to create a piece of art

Thanks to the wide range of wildflowers that can be grown in a single garden meadow, you should have plenty of different flowers to press.

Wildflowers In Quilting And Embroidery

Wildflowers provide inspiration for many many different crafts and art forms.  Quilting and embroidery are no exception.  If you enjoy needlework, why not sign up for a class on using wildflowers in needle art?  I can personally recommend this class held in Risby near Bury St Edmunds where in just one day you can learn how to use your sewing machine to create a beautiful hedgerow scene.


Here at Meadowmat, we believe that a wildflower-filled garden meadow should be a source of inspiration and a great place to spend time.

However you choose to use your garden meadow, you’re certain to be moved by its simple, natural beauty – art simply allows you to feel more connected with this natural wonder.

So start using your garden meadow for art today and discover your creative side!

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