A well designed green roof will be interesting to you – and your local wildlife all year round but it’s sometimes difficult to know when to start building one. 

Robert Allen, Sedum Production Manager at Enviromat, has been growing green roof plants for the UK’s leading green roof installer for around 15 years and has been involved with all sorts of green roofs, from teeny tiny ones to huge installations. In this blogpost, Robert offers some advice about timing to ordinary folk who want to create a simple green roof.

  1. Health and Safety is paramount.   Don’t try to work on a roof in very wet or windy weather.
  2. If you want your green roof to flower in its first summer, we recommend using vegetation mats and installing them before the end of April.  For sedum mat from may onwards, flowers will be entirely weather dependant. 
  3. Enviromat sedum matting is available all year round (weather permitting) and can be installed any month of the year.
  4. Plug plants and seeds can take a while to fill in all the spaces so be prepared to wait for your roof to green up and start flowering. The sedum mat and the wild flower mat that we grow at Q Lawns will be delivered to you with around 95% plant coverage.
  5. NEVER store sedum matting rolled up.  If you can’t install it on the day it’s delivered, unroll it and let the plants see daylight.   Enviromat can normally be delivered within 3 working days of an order being placed so that you can co-ordinate your delivery with the weather and your workforce.
  6. If the weather is very hot and dry when your sedum mat is laid, be sure to water it once a week until it rains but BEWARE of over-watering. 

In short:

For speedy and reliable results:  Use sedum matting or, if you have a deep substrate base, wild flower matting.

Install in spring or autumn in an ideal world – but any time of year is OK provided it’s safe to work on the roof

Watch our “how to” video and make sure the building and the roof are prepared before you order your green roof build up

Contact us if you have any questions or if you need help to install a living green roof on your garden building