Case Study: Green Roof Cycle Shed in Twickenham

They say, don’t they, that pictures paint a thousand words.  So in this blog post I’m going to use lots of pictures and not many words.

In summer 2015, Outerspace Landscape Architects invited Chris Carr and Angela Lambert from Meadowmat to give a CPD talk on the design and development of green roofs.

The team were inspired to build their own wildflower green roof on the Company’s cycle shed outside their HQ in Teddington Lock, London.

Here’s what they built and how it performed during its first summer.

The design studion.  A beautiful setting right beside the River Thames.  Our cycle shed doesn’t show up very well on this pic.  Its sited to the right of the studio, beside the river and underneath a tree.

Autumn 2015:  Installation.  Meadowmat was laid on top the green roof buildup.  The substrate (growing medium) was supplied by Green-Tech.

May 2016: The plants are enjoying the spring weather and have grown quite a lot taller.  Camions are in flower and the oxeye daisies are starting to open their buds.

End of May 2016: Even more of the red campions have opened up, there’s a stately spike of sorrel looking very grand and lots and lots of oxeye daisy buds.  Foliage looks lush and green.

Early June 2016:  Stunning!

June 2016: The view from the office window

Early July 2016:  Oxeye daisies are reaching the end of their first flush of flowers but birdsfoot trefoil (yellow flowers) is doing a great job of providing food for bees.  If you look carefully you’ll see some pink clover flowers too.

Mid July 2016:  Starting to take on the golden hues of midsummer.  Some of the flowers and grasses are beginning to set seed.

Mid August 2016:  The flowering cycle is complete and it’s time to cut back the spent stems and seedheads.  After a quick trim, this will look lovely and green again and it may even produce another, smaller flush of colours before the year is out.

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed.   A big thankyou to Richard Broom at Outerspace who has documented the roof’s progress.  The owners of this roof simply adore it.  They’re planning on planting some spring flowering bulbs this autumn to get early colour in spring 2017.

This living green roof was created using Woodland Shade Meadowmat (because of the overhanging tree).  An even more colourful effect would be achieved using Meadowmat Roof and Garden.

Visit our Facebook page to watch the video of this green roof being created