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Enviromat Customer Charter

We know how important it is to you that the goods and services that we can supply are delivered with the greatest of skill and expertise from management level right through to all operatives who work on our behalf.

Whilst it can never be 100% guaranteed that problems will never be encountered, we hope to demonstrate that we have the ability and the will to work with you to ensure you are provided with the best quality and service at all times.

With this in mind Turfonline have adopted this voluntary Customer Charter and commit to delivering on our promise.

Our promise to our customers

You can be assured that we have the necessary skills and experience to grow and nurture Sedum Matting that meets your requirements. As there are no national quality standards for Sedum Matting, Turfonline have their own, strict standards of quality control.

We are committed to continuously seek improvement in all aspects of our business and we are actively involved in the training and development of our staff.

Our voluntary Charter requires us to aspire to the following:

  • Continued self-assessment and ongoing training where practicable. Maintaining proper records and accounts and staying up to date with current legislation, health and safety and delivering best practice at all times.
  • Declare to any potential customer the length of time we have been trading and provide, if required samples of our sedum matting
  • Put in place and maintain all the necessary insurance covers including public and employers liability

This voluntary Charter also requires that, in the unlikely event of any dispute involving quality, Turfonline, shall agree to have their product inspected by any independent person or persons who are satisfactorily qualified or experienced in assessing the quality and characteristics of sedum matting.

In return, we ask that you, the customer

  • At the time of ordering, let us know if there are likely to be any difficulties accessing the delivery site with an articulated lorry
  • Ensure that somebody will be on site to receive delivery
  • Be sure to install all of your Enviromat Sedum Matting on the day of delivery as soon as possible after delivery has been made.
  • Report any problems to us within 24 hours of delivery, stating the delivery note reference number and including photographs if possible.
  • Be sure to water newly installed Enviromat immediately after installation and follow our recommendations for its long-term aftercare.