Garden Birds and Bees Mix (1m²)

Wild and unrivalled beauty of Meadowmat

Garden Birds and Bees Mix (1m²)Garden Birds and Bees Mix (1m²)
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Garden Birds and Bees Mix (1m²) Garden Birds and Bees Mix (1m²) Garden Birds and Bees Mix (1m²)
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Consisting of 43 species of British native wild flowers and grasses, all of them perennials, Meadowmat is the perfect way to bring wild flowers back into our lives.

Wild flowers are notoriously difficult to establish from seed or from plug plants. Conditions need to be just right and many an attempt at making an area of wild flower meadow has led to disappointment.

Meadowmat comes to you with around 90% coverage of  wild flowers and 10% coverage of grasses already growing strongly and ready to root into your prepared soil. These will very quickly establish into a lush sward.

The plants are grown from seed on to a thin layer of growing medium that is supported by a fine net. Meadwomat is not like other wild flower turf, the roots are not disturbed during harvest and transportation, so once laid onto prepared soil, it will very quickly form a healthy sward of mixed wild flowers.

Ground Preperation

Whilst our Meadowmat products will grow on any soil type, it thrives on low nutrient soils. If the soil is too rich in nutrients you will notice foliage and grasses will flourish more than flowers. We strongly recommend laying the product onto our low nutrient soil.

About MeadowMat

Meadowmat is grown on a mesh nettingand is supplied in 1 sq m slabs. Once laid you should keep the meadowmat moist until it is established.

The Meadowmat is supplied pre-cut so the flowers will not be visable, once laid you can let it grow long. It is very low maintenance, you only need to cut once at the end of Autumn although on more fertile soils it will benefit from a cut in spring as well. Use a mower or strimmer and cut back to 50-75mm and remove the clippings. 

If desired you can mow pathways through your Meadowmat. It is also pefect for use on any banking. 

What's in Meadowmat Birds & Bees?

  • 10% native grasses - To help prevent soil drying out, provide shelter for insects, food for birds and perches for butterflies.

  • Sheeps Fescue

  • Slender Creeping Red Fescue

  • Crested Dogstail

  • Small Leaved Timothy  

  • 90% Native Flora - Providing a rich source of nectar from Spring to Autumn

  • Yarrow

  • Common Knapweed

  • Common Toadflax

  • Wild Carrot

  • Agrimony

  • Meadow Crane's-bill

  • Fox-and-cubs

  • Small Scabious

  • Common Mallow

  • Autumn Hawkbit

  • Tansy

  • Common Bird's-foot-trefoil

  • Musk Mallow

  • Wild Marjoram

  • Teasel

  • Viper's-bugloss

  • White Clover

  • Wild Basil

  • Meadow Buttercup

  • Wild Clary

  • Common Sorrel

  • Wild Thyme

  • Red Campion

  • White Campion

  • Ragged-Robin

  • Daisy

  • Red Clover

  • Maiden Pink

  • Chicory

  • Fennel

  • Grandmother's Garden

  • Columbine

  • Clustered Bellflower

  • Loosestrife Purple

  • Cornflower

  • Harebell

  • Sheep's-bit

  • Wild or Heartsease Pansy

  • Field or Common Poppy