Meadowmat Wild Flower Matting

The speedy way to create a wildlife-friendly patch in your garden

Wild flowers can be notoriously difficult to establish in a garden – but not if you use Meadowmat!

Each variety of Meadowmat is a colourful mix of flowering plants and grasses all growing strongly onto our proven matting system. If you are not sure how to choose, take a look below at the product page descriptions for each different type of Meadowmat. Then, all you have to do is choose which type of Meadowmat you think will work the best for you and your garden and order online. When your Meadowmat arrives, simply unroll it then lay onto prepared ground, keeping it watered until the roots settle. Then, let mother nature do the rest!

Each piece of Meadowmat is nurtured from seed to despatch by a small team working on our production unit in rural Norfolk. It’s important to us that our different types of Meadowmat are as natural as possible. It’s grown out of doors and wherever possible we choose UK sourced seeds. We avoid using pesticides during the growing process and instead, we welcome a host of insects and mammals to enjoy the plants as they develop.

To get the very best from all our different types of Meadowmat, we recommend that it is installed onto low fertility soil. On “ordinary” garden soil there is a risk that the grasses outcompete the flowering plants.

Browse our Meadowmat selection below and if you need any help with trying to choose the right one for your project, you’ll find that the Turfonline website and each product page is packed full of useful information.

This article has some great tips on how to choose the right wildflower turf for your project.

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  1. Birds & Bees Floral Focus (New for 2020) (1m²)

    (16 reviews)

    Dreaming of a display of colourful wildflowers? Floral Focus Meadowmat has 41 different flowering species in the seedmix and no grass, it’s a cacophony of colour.

    £20.41 As Low As £20.40 Incl VAT
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  2. Birds and Bees Mix (1m²)

    (58 reviews)

    Create a beautiful meadow experience bringing natural beauty and wildlife to your open spaces. Bring maximum interest into your garden with minimal maintenance. Garden Birds and Bees Meadowmat could be exactly what you’re looking for.


    £19.21 As Low As £19.20 Incl VAT
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  3. SuDS and Slopes Meadowmat

    (0 reviews)

    Every outdoor space has an area that’s hard to maintain. Meadowmat for SuDS and Slopes is for all of those hard to reach places that still need to look beautiful.

    £18.01 As Low As £18.00 Incl VAT
    Out of stock

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  4. Traditional Meadow Mix (1m²)

    (40 reviews)

    Picture yourself knee high in wildflowers and grasses and surrounded by summer insects. This is the feeling evoked by Traditional Meadowmat

    £15.61 As Low As £15.60 Incl VAT
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  5. Cottage Garden Mix (1m²)

    (23 reviews)

    Cottage Garden Mix Meadowmat creates flower beds and borders with the grace and charm of an old fashioned English garden but a lot less work.


    £18.01 As Low As £18.00 Incl VAT
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  6. Heritage Mix (1m²)

    (4 reviews)

    The Turfonline team are passionate about promoting the benefits of a biodiverse wildflower garden. Heritage Meadowmat really does take biodiversity to a whole new level. With over 20 beautiful wildflower species in the mix, you will be sure to see a varied and colourful display year after year.

    Available November 2020

    £18.01 As Low As £18.00 Incl VAT
    Out of stock

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  7. Species Rich (1m²)

    (6 reviews)

    Meadowmat Species Rich Lawn is perfect for creating an informal lawn that is both pretty and pollinator-friendly.


    £10.81 As Low As £10.80 Incl VAT
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  8. Woodland Shade Mix (1m²)

    (22 reviews)

    Wondering what to do with that slightly shaded area in your garden? Planting some Woodland Shade Mix Meadowmat will add colour and interest without creating extra gardening jobs for you to do.

    £18.01 As Low As £18.00 Incl VAT
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