It’s always great to meet people who like using Enviromat sedum matting as much as we like growing it.

This year, at the Gardeners World Live show, we were proud to see that one of our favourite garden designers, Andy Tudbury, earned himself a silver medal.  Andy had used Enviromat for groundcover in his show garden “Serenity”.

Low maintenance planting means more time for relaxing

Andy, and his Company, Halcyon Days Garden Design, created a garden with relaxation in mind. 

Now when one thinks of low maintenance gardening it’s easy to imagine either 100% hard surfaces OR wild.   This garden has neither.   Yes, there is a wooden decked area, a water feature and quite a lot of paths.  But the Enviromat breaks that up and brings living green plants into the equation.   These plants however don’t look wild and unkempt.  They are neat, precise and deliberate.

Enviromat needs very little maintenance and so this garden will stay smart all year round.

There is the gently tinkling sound of water moving over the globe-shaped features in the pond.   Always good for calming jangling nerves.

A lovely green-roofed pergola provides shelter from hot sun or biting winds.  It’s the perfect place to spend an hour or so with a book and a glass of wine in summer, or with a mug of hot chocolate in autumn.

All weather surfaces mean that the garden can be used from January to December.  And beautiful stained glass art means that even when the herbaceous plants are not in full bloom, there is some colour in the garden.

Chris Carr and I visited the show on a hot and incredibly busy day.  The crowds were thronging and it was a joy to eavesdrop on some of their conversations.   Feedback for the design was, on the whole all positive.   People seemed to like the idea that the garden was “do-able”. It’s is a design that could be emulated in an urban back garden or even on a roof terrace.

Needless to say, the favourite part of the garden for both Chris and I was the clever use of Enviromat sedum matting as ground cover.  The colour and texture of the sedum foliage contrasted beautifully with the paving and with the water.  It was vibrant and alive without being “in your face”.  And somehow, the Enviromat broke up the hard surfaces and made them seem cooler, more inviting – more serene even.

As the designer intended, this is “a garden to bring a feeling of peacefulness, as you leave the worries of the day behind and absorb the spirit of the garden”

Halcyon Days Garden Design

Using Enviromat as low maintenance ground cover

Enviromat as ground cover for a model railway