Enviromat is a low maintenance soft landscaping material consisting of hundreds of sedums growing on a mat. You can lay it on the ground for a “no mow” ornamental lawn or create a living roof, transform a dull garden shed, chicken coup, pet hutch or any suitable roof into a living carpet of flowering sedums. Flowers from spring through to late autumn attracting pollinators and birds into the garden.

You can also use Enviromat matting as a living liner in hay ricks and hanging baskets.

  1. Sedum Ground Mats (1m²)

    A sedum lawn provides a beautiful alternative to a traditional grass lawn. It creates a spectacular ornamental ground cover that will add a wow factor to any landscape scheme.
  2. Green Roof Kit – Flat (1m²)

    A living sedum roof on a flat roof that can be installed in an afternoon. This kit will instantly enhance any sturdy building with a roof pitch of 3 degrees or less.
  3. Green Roof Kit – Slope (1m²)

    A green roof kit that can be installed in a day and suitable for roofs with a slope of more than three degrees. This kit contains everything you need to make a low maintenance flower garden on your roof.
  4. Sedum Fertiliser (2kg)

    Keep green roof plants healthy with this balanced feed made entirely from natural ingredients. Specially formulated for living roofs, our new formula covers 65m2 and is an essential part of our recommended green roof maintenance regime.

    £23.95 Incl VAT