Enviromat Sedum Matting

A Low Maintenance Planting Solution For Green Roofs And Groundcover

Sedum matting was developed back in the 1960s for use on commercial roofs. It has gathered a distinct amount of steam and is now more popular than it ever has been. This is undoubtedly due to the rising awareness of living ecologically to the result of global sustainability. Greenroofs created with Enviromat reap the ultimate benefits of renewability, and cost and energy efficiency.  

Given the right growing conditions, sedums are incredibly self-sufficient. They are frost hardy, drought-tolerant and ask for just one feed a year. There’s no mowing to be done, no deadheading and, if you follow our recommendations for their installation and care, they won’t need much weeding either. This is what makes Enviromat a brilliant lawn alternative

What Is Enviromat?

Enviromat sedum matting can be described as a flower garden on a roll. It’s a layer of growing medium embedded onto a matting for easy handling. We sow the seeds and nurture the plants for 9-12 months, or until they have reached the supreme standards that we expect of our turf. Once our Production Manager is satisfied that they are ready to leave the farm, it is ready for purchase! On arrival, all you need to do is unroll your Enviromat turf onto a prepared surface, give it a good watering to settle it in, then allow nature to take its course.

Sedum matting is despatched with 95 to 100% plant coverage so that you will have instant greenery. To ensure continued protection of the plants during transport, we clip off any excess growth. Though you will have lots of lovely foliage, Enviromat will not be in flower when it’s delivered.

Before you buy, please be sure you understand how to install and care for Enviromat. The articles below will help you.

Understanding green roof construction.

Using Enviromat for groundcover planting.

  1. Sedum Ground Mat Kit

    (40 reviews)

    Imagine a low growing carpet of plants that will flower all summer long and needs virtually no maintenance. That’s what you can achieve in next to no time with Sedum Ground Mats.

    £14.41 As Low As £14.40 Incl VAT
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  2. Sedum Flat Roof Kit

    (16 reviews)

    Bored with looking at plain old waterproofing? Our sedum green roof kit for flat roofs can transform that dull surface into a penthouse for wildlife.

    Interested in creating a green roof of your own? Check out our blog post on how to get started


    £38.39 As Low As £38.38 Incl VAT
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  3. Sedum Pitched Roof Kit

    (18 reviews)

    Take biodiversity to a different level with our Sedum Green Roof Kit for Pitched Roofs. Beautiful to look at, easy to maintain and just perfect for pollinators.

    Interested in creating a green roof of your own? Check out our blog post on how to get started

    £30.59 As Low As £30.26 Incl VAT
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  4. Sedum Extensive Green Roof Blanket

    Our UK grown Sedum blanket has been specially developed in-house as the perfect extensive green roof blanket.

    £14.41 As Low As £14.40 Incl VAT
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